Memorize(Novel) Chapter 22

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Memorize – Chapter 22




22. Divided (2)


“Siblings? I didn’t know you two were siblings. Well, It’s not like we can do anything about that, but that doesn’t mean anything. Who could guarantee that what happened before won’t happen again?”


This is a rather amusing situation.


As he couldn’t target An Hyun directly, Park Don Gul attacked the shy and cowardly An Sol to pressure her brother.


It looked like Park Don Gul had actually wanted to leave. but apparently, he did not, Seeing how he trampled on everyone’s ego.


An Hyun didn’t speak anymore and the hill became dead silent, so much so that one could easily hear the sound of a pin dropping.


“Well, don’t think ill of me that way. I only said what was necessary, but the situation right now is too unpredictable. It also seems like a lot of people here have a bad impression of me.”


“So what? What is it exactly that you want?”


Though the blunt lady sounded more polite this time, Park Don Gul wasn’t fazed by her and answered immediately.


“What I want is for us to create a proper team for now.”


No one was talking anymore.


Park Don Gul’s words had effectively pierced through their hearts.


Wetting his lips with his tongue, Park Don Gul continued.


“There’s no need for us to have mutual trust when everyone prioritizes their lives over others. The team that I want is for each member to be able to help each other out and not become dead weights. I only want people who are mentally and physically prepared for this.”


“That’s… a little too much.”


Lee Bo Rim replied in despair, but she didn’t look like she was going to give up any time soon.


However, An Hyun and the blunt lady who argued with Park Don Gul had kept their silence.


Lee Bo Rim looked hopeless and rather desperate.


“Go ahead and call me selfish, but remember this, if this team that we are in isn’t working out, I will leave and go alone. It seems like most of you hate me anyway. Honestly speaking, I don’t think I’m the only one who’s tired of you people. The crossbow guy must’ve gotten annoyed with you all, so that’s why he left and kept watch around the perimeter. You guys need to start using your brains.”


“Are you kidding right now? How would you know someone is completely useless without giving them any chance to prove themselves?”


The blunt lady spoke hastily and there was no resolve in her voice.


Park Don Gul was eyeing her like a predator does its prey as he replied with his usual smug look.


“Not giving you any chances? …Are you pulling my leg?”




“What do you think this is? A game? What? Did you think we could just run around with extra lives? This isn’t a game where you could save and load your account. Wake up! If we journey ahead and one person makes just the slightest mistake…”


Pausing for a bit, Park Don Gul raised his fist to his throat and dragged his thumb across his neck.


“We all will die.”




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Chapter 22