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23. Divided (3)



“We all are going to die.”


His words seemed to have frightened everyone until they were trembling in fear.


Lee Bo Rim stared at the ground with a blank look, and the blunt lady just kept on chewing her lips.


It was only the cold-looking lady who had not been affected by this ordeal.


“Don’t take it to heart. I know you all really do hate me. I understand the reason for that and I, again, apologise for it. But don’t cloud your judgement with trivial things. I didn’t even mention anything about abandoning anyone.”


Seeing their responses, Park Don Gul let out a hearty laughter as he smacked his chest lightly a couple times.


“With that being said, let’s make a decision now. Everyone who thinks I am correct and agree with it, stand by my side. I will welcome anyone who does so.”


As Park Don Gul finished talking, the atmosphere on the hill tensed up as everyone exchanged looks with each other.


While I hated to admit it, Park Don Gul’s statement had managed to disrupt everyone’s minds.


In his little speech, Park Don Gul had successfully manipulated the people by arousing their desire to survive.


Park Don Gul’s plot was starting to show its effect.


An Hyun and An Sol looked troubled, and even the blunt lady who had been arguing non-stop with Park Don Gul was hesitating.


Meanwhile, the good-for-nothing Park Don Gul was fiddling around with his rod calmly.


Honestly, I didn’t care who went to his side as long as it was not An Hyun or An Sol.


Nevertheless, I still had to think of possibilities in the future.


I had to at least check the Attributes of the blunt lady and the other woman using the Third Eye.


With some expectations, I took a look at the blunt lady first.


<Player’s Status>

1. Name : Lee Yu Jung(Year(s) 0)
2. Sex : Female(22)
3. Height / Weight : 166.3cm / 51.7kg
4. Alignment : Lawful Neutral

[Strength 32] [Resistance 38] [Agility 50] [Vitality 30] [Magic Power 48] [Luck 46]
(Remaining attribute point: 0 point.)




I was wondering why she was so confident when confronting Park Don Gul, and now reading her Attributes, she definitely had what it takes to go against him.


While An Hyun and An Sol had ridiculously good Attributes, Lee Yu Jung’s stats were nothing to scoff at either.


She had an extremely high Agility and Magic Power. This would open up new possibilities for two different branches of magic. Since then, I decided to keep an eye out for Lee Yu Jung.


I then turned to face my next target and used my Third Eye on her. I was very curious about her as well.


<Player’s Status>

1. Name : Kim Han Byeol(Year(s) 0)
2. Sex : Female(21)
3. Height / Weight : 170.2cm / 48.5kg
4. Alignment : Lawful Chaotic

[Strength 28] [Resistance 32] [Agility 46] [Vitality 24] [Magic Power 68] [Luck 40]
(Remaining attribute point: 0 point.)

1. Charisma(Rank: F plus)




The moment I saw her Unique Ability, I subconsciously gasped in surprise.




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Chapter 23