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Memorize – Chapter 24



24. Divided (4)


This is ridiculous!


… She has ‘Charisma’?!


This was as shocking as seeing An Sol’s Player’s Status, and I was rendered speechless for a moment. I could now understand why Kim Han Byeol reminded me of ‘her’ when I first saw her. She had the same ‘Charisma’ ability as ‘her’.


I regretted not seeing her status a little sooner, but I quickly shook my head to clear myself of such thoughts.


My mind was getting flooded with useless things.


If I had followed my earlier plan, both Lee Yu Jung and Kim Han Byeol would be the type of people I would never let go of.


My mind was uneasy as I grabbed a handful of sand and let it go, out of habit.


Fear and doubt started to cloud my heart.


An Hyun and An Sol.


Lee Yu Jung and Kim Han Byeol.


These four were the players that had Attributes above average even before entering the Hall Plains.


Even if we were all separated, they could still survive with their current Attributes.


Is there something that I overlooked?


No matter how much I tried to think, I still couldn’t figure it out. Although I did have some guesses, I still couldn’t come to a conclusion.


So, I decided to put the matter aside for now and used my Third Eye to observe the situation again. I already made up my mind to recruit them into my team. I would have plenty of time to convince them to join me later on.




The very first person who stood up was Lee Shin Wu whose Alignment was Lawful Good.


While this indicated that he was a good person, it also meant he could be a bad person sometimes.


Mostly, people with a Lawful Good Alignment would not have the talent to lead and were always led by others.


While it was unfortunate to let go of someone with such a good Luck Attribute, there was nothing else about him that was useful.


“I, I want to be part of your team!”




Park Don Gul looked at Lee Shin Wu with judging eyes before speaking in a rough tone,


“You will have to be able to protect yourself. Remember, the moment you become a burden, I am going to leave you behind without any hesitation.”


“Yes! I understand! I will do my best!”


“…Excellent! If you can fulfill your role in the team, then I will make sure to try my best to support you. Let’s do our best to survive in this hellish world. And… I am sorry about what happened before. I was too arrogant. Please forgive me.”


When he heard Park Don Gul giving a positive response, Lee Shin Wu ran to his side with a relieved look.


It was truthfully not a wholesome sight when Lee Shin Wu went near him.


After Lee Shin Wu, Park Don Gul was now trying to get An Hyun to join his team.


“You there. Think about it carefully. I’ll welcome you anytime if you want to join us.”


That good-for-nothing bastard had deliberately emphasised ‘us’ when he was asking him to reconsider, with his ‘polite’ voice.


An Hyun’s face was filled with worry.


He was at a crossroad and he needed to choose a path.


It was not only An Sol, but everyone else also swallowed hard as they waited to hear An Hyun’s decision.


After some time, An Hyun’s lips finally parted.


“My answer remains unchanged. I am not going to leave or abandon my sister.”


His voice didn’t change and remained firm as he talked.


Almost immediately after hearing what her brother said, An Sol’s face turned red and the bank teller lady looked amused.


Alas, An Hyun hadn’t finished talking.


“However… If you include Sol in the team that you made, I might reconsider my choice.”


Oh no.


With that, the tides changed towards Park Don Gul’s favour.


This was an unexpected situation for Park Don Gul, but the choice was now his to make.


His face morphed from a pained expression to an annoyed expression as he replied.


“That would be a little bit hard… Honestly speaking, I don’t even know if it’s a good idea to have you on the team, and your sister would be difficult to protect and we don’t have the intention to protect her.”


“You don’t need to worry about that. I can do the work for two people at once.”


“No it’s not that simple. There would be a situation when you won’t be able to help her… If the thing that had happened at the clearing repeated itself, then she’d only slow us down and cause us more trouble.”


“Then it can’t be helped…”


“Just leave it at that for now. We will figure it out after all the team members have decided what they want to do.”


Park Don Gul had intentionally cut off An Hyun to give himself some breathing room.


Though he had been talking non-stop, he was actually planning what to say to manipulate the people.


In reality, only An Hyun and I fought against those monsters.


I wasn’t with them right now so, the scale would tip towards whichever direction An Hyun chose to go.


Of course, there was always a possibility where An Hyun would reject the offer, but Park Don Gul had prepared himself some backup plans to make sure he got the members he needed for his party.


“And you… Well, actually you can do whatever you want. You’re always trying to ask me to do things, It’s troublesome to deal with you.”


Park Don Gul grumbled as he looked at Lee Yu Jung, but she didn’t say anything and only frowned at Park Don Gul. He turned to face the others without hesitation and looked at the quiet Lee Bo Rim and Kim Han Byeol.


“…I want to hear what you both think as well.”




“As I said, don’t misunderstand me. If I was actually going to abandon anyone, would I have accepted my friend over here? This kid had clearly promised that he won’t drag me down anymore, and that he’d protect himself and help the team out willingly. I didn’t take this role on because I wanted to, I was really going to leave this place by myself. I did this to survive. If you want to join the team, then just make a promise in front of everyone just like what the kid did.”


“How can I…”


In the end, Lee Bo Rim finally responded.


Taking a glance at Kim Han Byeol, Park Don Gul immediately replied.


“Promise me that you won’t need our protection and that you’ll help the team in any way you can. If you don’t want to help at all, then I will abandon you without a second thought, but if you do prove yourself to be useful, then we will help you to the best of our ability. Those who are willing to strengthen their will, come forward and join the team.”


Help the team in any way you can?


The way he used his words was very odd and it felt dangerous.


It looked like Lee Bo Rim had suddenly realised what was happening as she appeared a little hesitant.


Kim Han Byeol, on the other hand, looked contemptuous.


Park Don Gul, while licking his lips, spoke to Kim Han Byeol.


“You as well.”


“…Hold on.”


Kim Han Byeol still looked like the cold lady as she was.


She had her eyes closed as if she was deep in thoughts.


I was slightly worried, but if I was right, the chances of her refusing the offer was quite high.


Taking a step back and standing near to Lee Shin Wu, it seemed like Park Don Gul was giving her some time to think.





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Chapter 24